Game Live
Can't make the game? If you have an internet connection or compatible smart phone,
you can follow Moody Baseball on PointStreak's Game Live application.
I score every game live and now you can follow us pitch-by-pitch and never miss a moment!

iPhone / Andriod App Tips          Desktop / Laptop Tips

iPhone / Android App Tips:


Look for the Pointstreak App
in your App Store or
Android Market.

Type "Moody" in the Search
bar and click Search.
The listing should say:
Corpus Christi Foy H. Moody
(THSCA Baseball 2012)

Under our Header you will
see a star. When you click on
the star, we will be added to
your Favorites. Click on the
yellow bar to view the game.

From this screen, you will
be able to view the game
live, pitch by pitch.

Desktop / Laptop tips:

Visit our home page to follow the game online.

From the home page, click on "Schedule" in the "Team Menu" (see image below).

From the "Schedule" page, just click on the Game Live logo on the far right of the game that you would like to view (see image below).. Please note: The logo will not appear until just before game time. The "Game Status" column will also change from "not started" to "in progress".

You can always follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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